Science Of Yogic Breathing

Life is totally reliant upon the act of breathing. To inhale is to live and without breath there is no life. Not just the higher creatures depend upon the breath for life but even the lower creature life and plant life must breathe to live. From the first faint breath of the newborn to the last pant of the dying man, it is one long story of continued breathing. Ultimately Life is a series of breaths.

Humans & living beings are not only dependent on the breath for life, but they are generally reliant on the correct habits of breathing for continued vitality and freedom from illness. An insightful control of our breathing will expand our days upon the earth by giving us increased vitality and power of resistance and on other hand imprudent breathing will tend to shorten our days by diminishing our vitality & exposing more us to diseases.

Mankind in their normal state had no need of guidelines for breathing, similar the lower creatures and the child breathe naturally & properly as nature planned them to do, but civilization has changed the humans a lot and they have contracted improper techniques and attitude of daily life walking, standing and sitting which have denied them of their birthright of natural and correct breathing.

In recent years Western scientists have shown the enormous studies on the physical benefits from the correct habits of breathing and they have named it as “ Deep Breathing” and so on, yet also goes into the less known phases of the subject and shows how the Hindu Yogis control their body and increase their mental capacity & vitality.

The Hindu Yogis fostered their spiritual side of nature by the “ Science Of Breath “. They know that the inhaled air contains something more than the oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen. They know that something more is “ Prana” a vital energy source, which western world is not fully mindful of. The Yogi understands well the nature and manner of handelling the great principle of energy and it’s effect upon the human body & mind. The Yogi knows the “ Power Of Prana “ which can bring the harmonious vibrations within self and nature, and not only cure diseases but also increase the man’s mental power, self control, happiness, moral and spiritual growth by understanding the science of breathing.

Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve.

— Mary Kay Ash


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